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Intermittent fault detection pioneers

Since 1996, Universal Synaptics Corporation has been the industry leader in detecting and isolating elusive intermittent faults with our unique and innovative line of Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) technology. Mr. Brent Sorensen, the original No Fault Found Crusader & test engineer/inventor, pioneered the IFD electronics science and understanding. Mr. Sorensen spent years in the trenches researching and solving complex diagnostic and testing problems. His intense focus on resolving the long standing Intermittent / No Fault Found (NFF) phenomenon led to research into the primary root cause of these problems and the massive digital testing void that exists today with conventional scanning continuity test equipment. Dedicated research ultimately led to the development, patent, production, and deployment of the IFD neural network, all lines all the time monitoring, detection and fault isolation capabilities.

  • Intermittent Faults / No Fault Found (NFF) / Can Not Duplicate (CND) / No Trouble Found (NTF) / Retest OK (RTOK) / No Evidence of Failure (NEOF)

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