Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System 2.0 (IFDIS 2.0)


The IFDIS 2.0 is capable of interfacing in increments of 1,280 electrical connection points.  IFDIS 2.0 is a patented diagnostic instrument that can simultaneously and continuously monitor all unit under test (UUT) circuits, individually at the same time, detecting intermittent faults that occur, even as short as *50 nanoseconds (0.00000005 seconds) in duration. 

In addition to detecting and isolating intermittent faults, the IFDIS 2.0 AutoMap feature will automatically interrogate and store the as-designed wiring configuration for a good unit and then based on that "gold" configuration, detect any open, short, ohmic, impedance, drift or mis-wiring problems in subsequent UUTs. 


  • Utilized in depots and back shops

  • Detects and isolates intermittent failures in electronics and avionics

  • Detects and isolates permanent and intermittent shorts, opens, instability and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) events

  • Rapid set-up with powerful test software

  • Quick testing: results displayed real-time

  • Easily expandable in 1,280 test point increments


  • Intermittency - detected to less than *50ns on every test point individually, simultaneously and continuously

  • Continuity - programmable continuity checks against referenced values

  • Log Scope - instant display of a circuits or component's stability

  • Shorts - two modes providing shorts indication and shorts tracing capability

  • Analyze - provides an impedance signature for the Unit Under Test

  • AutoMap - rapid mapping of circuits for complex and/or ad hoc testing


  • IFDIS 2.0 eliminates:

    • Repeated returns of the same assembly for repair

    • Excessive spare part stock to cover units out of service

    • Downtime to replace units

    • Scraping costs associated with unrepairable units

    • Wasted test time using technology that cannot detect intermittent faults

  • Reduces No Fault Found (NFF), Can Not Duplicate (CND), Re-Test OK (RTOK), No Evidence of Failure (NEOF)

  • Reduces life-cycle support costs

  • Increases operational availability, asset availability, and mission capable rates

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Patented, with additional U.S. and foreign patents pending