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High speed intermittent event detection and continuity verification, essential for Aging / No Fault Found type defects.

Patented all-test-points, all-the-time, neural-sensing technology, guarantees you will be measuring the right circuit at the right time. No missed intermittent events.

Test methodology more closely simulates actual aircraft operational conditions.

Sets a new standard for safety and reliability testing.

Tests directly for the cause of the failure (intermittence), not ambiguous engineering requirements (fractions of a milliohm) which yield little if any results.

Super high sensitivity detects aging problems, even before they become dangerous failures.

Can test thousands of lines, individually, yet simultaneously and continuously.

Tests at safe (3.5 volts max) levels. Testing can be performed in-situ in many cases.

Test from a single connection point with no need for long return lines from the back of the aircraft or platform.

Tests wiring, controls, sensors, motors, busses, connectors, LRUs, WRAs, backplanes, etc.

Technician level set-up and operation.

Fully menu driven operation and self-learn capability.

Full test documentation and archiving capability, customizable for your needs.

Once detected, real-time custom device graphics quickly isolate the failure location which allows for efficient and permanent repair.

Fixing intermittence / NFF is relatively easy. Event detection and it's location isolation was the hard part... but not any more!

Contact us... let's team up to solve intermittence / NFF today!