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Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

Terms of Service

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Universal Synaptics Corp. Terms Of Service Agreement


(1) USE POLICY AND ACCESS: All visitors to our website are bound by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy published on this site.

(2) SUBJECT TO CHANGE: At any time the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy may be changed or modified at our discretion and without notice. Any changes will be published on our website.

(3) INFORMATION: This website does not contain any sensitive, classified or unlawful information and can be freely accessed by all age groups and nationalities.

(4) COPYRIGHT: The content of this site is copyrighted however entities of US government, US military and International Press, News or Educational institutions may use images and information contained here for news or educational purposes under condition that any content obtained from this site is re-printed while providing explicit attribution to Universal Synaprics Corp. including a link to our website www.usynaptics.com. Any use by private or for profit entities is strictly forbidden without expressed written permission from Universal Synaptics Corp.

(5) APPLICABLE LAWS/ARBITRATION: All terms and conditions herein shall be in accordance with the laws

of the state of Utah, U.S.A. Any controversy or claim arising out of use of this site or pertaining to

the Information herein, shall be settled by arbitration in the State of Utah, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration

Association, and judgements upon the award rendered by this arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court

having jurisdiction.



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