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Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014

Advanced Intermittence Diagnostic / Prognostic Solutions

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Universal Synaptics advanced intermittence diagnostic / prognostic solutions employ a patented hardware neural network that monitors all potential failure points at the same time and in parallel.

Advanced all lines all the time, neural sensing technological capability guarantees that you will be measuring the right circuit at the right time and never miss an intermittent failure event.

This measuring methodology closely simulates the actual operational environment of the Unit Under Test (UUT) in order to directly indentify the cause of the intermittent failure.

High sensitivity prognostics detect aging degradation problems before they become costly failures. Test thousands of lines simultaneously and continuously.

Technician level set-up and use with fully menu driven operation and self-learn capability.

Write TPS for UUTs in minutes, not months!

To learn more about our patented Hardware Neural Network today call 801.731.8508  ext.1



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