Product Videos and Demonstrations - Intermittent Fault Detector

Busting Myths - A Demonstration of Common Test Equipment Failing to Detect Obvious Intermittence on Just a Single Circuit! In a complex piece of military electronics such as for example an F-16 aircraft, there are tens of thousands of circuits working simultaneously. In such an environment a intermittent line is virtually impossible to isolate with traditional test equipment.  In those situations only the IFD testing equipment from Universal Synaptics can isolate the problem. Please watch the demonstration video of our older IFD-3000 technology below to fully appreciate the total superiority of IFD test system in detecting intermittent and No Fault Found (NFF) events.  Note: Our current Ncompass-IFD-4000 technology now performs traditional scanning continuity testing (opens, shorts, miswires) in addition to our unique and patented intermittence testing technology.



IFDIS - Intermittent Fault Detection and Isolation System is currently successfully applied in various military and civilian applications. The use of IFDS test systems in real life applications was demonstrated to produce tens of millions of dollars in savings for respective companies employing the IFD/IFDS testing units and substantially increase systems' readiness. Please watch the video below to see the IFDS used during test studies performed with US Air Force for testing LRU and MRU components of F-16 aircraft.